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Apr 16
April 15th, 2016  /  KatyPerry
INTERVIEW: Katy talks about her CoverGirl range!

On Her Makeup-Filled Childhood
“I was always experimenting with makeup. What’s so interesting is that even though I grew up in a sheltered household, even though I wasn’t allowed to wear thongs or anything like that, my mom would say, ‘You should put on a little lipstick’—from age 12! It was very strange, but I was wearing lipstick of all colors from 12 and 13. I’d use it on my cheeks, my eyes, and I was very into classic reds. When I started developing my own sense of style, I thought I was a pinup girl. I was obsessed with them at 13: I’d do a black liner and a red lipstick and that was my go-to.”

On Her Secret Tumblr Girl Life
“Tumblr is where I grab all my inspiration from. I follow really cool people that are just being themselves, and then I start to follow their friends. I’m a bit of a voyeur because no one really knows I’m watching their lives [laughs]. Tumblr to me is a safe place because it’s more about the art than the conversations—it’s not about likes, so it’s not a narcissistic social platform. There are reblogs and stuff like that, but it doesn’t have that same feeling of double tapping. I like that it’s a more pure place that is more creative.”

On Her Ideal Lipstick
“Personally, I love a matte finish more than a gloss because a gloss gets all over everything. I want to put my lipstick on once in the early morning and not have to think about it for quite a few hours, you know? My lipsticks are a moisturizing demi-matte because sometimes mattes can make you look like you haven’t drank water in two weeks. Obviously you don’t want scabby lips just because you want your lipstick to stay forever! You want to look hydrated.”

On Her Met Gala Look
“I’m going to be wearing [a shade called] Perry Panther to the Met Gala, and it’s going to be amazing—it’s black, it’s different. It will be really fun, and it’s super fashion, you know—you see it a lot on the runways these days. I already told my boyfriend we will not be able to kiss, unless he wants black lips! [laughs] It would also be cool to do the Perry Blue mascara with a black lipstick and just shape the brow.”

On Her Baby-Doll Mascara Technique
“I like to work from the root out, and I do both the top and bottom lashes. It’s a slow process of coating and coating. I do three coats, and I spend time in between each coat to let it dry, then add another one to keep building.”

On Her Desert Island Product Pick
“Oof, why do you make me pick! I would probably pick my Kitty Purry lipstick, because if I accidentally left my house with only Kitty Purry in my bag, I’d be like, ‘Okay, great. I can put it on my cheeks, lips, and on my eyes,’ if I blend it well into my face. You can be really creative with just a little color. You can’t exactly do that with mascara, even though it’s very essential. Lipstick and mascara are my two essentials, but if you’re making me pick one, it’s going to be Kitty Purry all over the face.”


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